5 Reasons why you should eat breakfast every morning

The next time you rush out the door in the morning without something to eat, consider this: Skipping breakfast can set you up for overeating later in the day. A healthy morning meal, on the other hand, can give you energy, satisfy your appetite, and set the stage for smart decisions all day long. It is important to aim for a breakfast that combines good carbs and fiber with some protein.The old cliché of “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is 100% true. You may be wondering “Why is breakfast so important?”

Eating breakfast has long term health benefits. It can reduce obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Eating within 2 hours of waking can make a difference in the way you metabolize glucose, or blood sugar, all day. Your glucose level rises every time you eat, and your pancreas produces insulin to shuttle the glucose into your cells, where it’s used for energy. Research is finding that keeping glucose and insulin in the right balance has important effects on metabolism and health.

1. Breakfast helps you pay attention

Eating a morning meal is crucial to a person’s ability to concentrate and learn, regardless of age. Breakfast might also enhance memory, attention, the speed of processing information, reasoning, creativity, learning, and verbal abilities. Blood sugar levels are low after the night-time, and breakfast that features whole grains, proteins and high-fibre foods will sustain the steady blood glucose levels that our brains need in order to perform.

2. Breakfast supports an active lifestyle

People who eat breakfast simply have more physical energy, which may lead them to get more exercise. That might be because a temporary increase in blood sugar gave them more energy, motivating people to naturally become more active. So don’t skip breakfast.

3. Protein in the morning helps you avoid junk food

While eating any sort of breakfast will make you feel less hungry and more satisfied through the morning, a high-protein breakfast will extend these benefits throughout the entire day. Adding a little lean protein to your breakfast may be just the boost you need to help keep you feeling full until lunchtime and therfor enable you to make smarter, healthier food choices and not over indulde and overeat.

4. It’s important for heart health

A regular habit of skipping breakfast is shown to increase the risk of serious coronary heart disease by 27%, according to an important study by Harvard School of Public Health. The scientists examined the habits of over 26,000 men for 16 years, and they found a significant link between skipping breakfast and the incidence of heart attacks and deaths from cardiac problems. This linkage held up even after the researchers eliminated other risk factors such as smoking, overall nutrition, and physical activity.

5. It lowers your risk of diabetes

The link between skipping breakfast and developing diabetes is mentioned in many research studies. The National Institutes of Medicine notes that eating breakfast is important for regulating your appetite during the rest of the day. Furthermore, over time this eating pattern can lead to insulin sensitivity, type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Breakfast is an excellent occasion to eat together as a family when possible. Establishing good breakfast habits in childhood and maintaining them throughout adolescence may be an important factor in reducing the prevalence of breakfast skipping and developing good eating habits that last a lifetime.

So, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day!

Some quick and healthy breakfast choices include:

  • A veggie omelet and a piece of whole-wheat toast
  • A whole-wheat muffin with low-fat cheese, a scrambled egg, and slice of tomato or lean ham
  • Smoothie made with fruit and low-fat yogurt
  • Salmon on 1/2 whole-grain bagel with light cream cheese
  • Whole-grain cereal with fresh fruit and low-fat milk
  • Oatmeal made with skim milk, raisins and nuts, with 4 ounces of orange juice
  • Low-fat yogurt and a piece of fresh fruit
  • Yogurt smoothie and breakfast bar
  • Hard-boiled egg and a banana



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