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We are seeing younger children in braces simply because of what orthodontists have learned about treatment. Kids with suspected orthodontic problems should be referred to an orthodontist around their seventh birthday. That’s when most children have all their primary (“baby”) teeth, and adult teeth begin their descent - giving orthodontists a clear window into what’s happening, and what will happen, in the mouth.

Treatment can straighten teeth and correct these problems:


Results are better and faster at an early stage.  Young children have softer, more malleable bones, so their jaws are more readily encouraged to move or grow in a more ideal shape. And because younger kids grow faster, treatment takes less time.

Early intervention can also prevent crowding down the road. For example, a six-year adult molar normally erupts right behind a baby second molar. If your child loses that baby molar early (perhaps due to decay), the adult molar may drift forward, severely crowding adult teeth that emerge. By moving that adult molar back into its ideal position early, you can avoid having to pull it out later on and possibly avoid further orthodontic work.  Although early intervention is best, it is  never too late.  Adults are also treatable with braces.

Will I be able to tell if my child needs her teeth fixed?

You can definitely keep your eyes open for signs of possible problems. Your child’s 20 primary teeth should be in by the time she’s about three. Permanent teeth begin to appear between ages six and nine, beginning with the front teeth and the back molars. You and your dentist can watch to ensure that adult teeth are growing according to plan and that there’s enough room for them.

Will I be able to fit the cost of braces into my budget?

Braces treatment at Intercare is affordable. The cost of orthodontic treatment will depend on the severity of the problem, its complexity and the length of treatment. We will discuss the cost with you before treatment begins. We also provide a convenient payment plan.

If you are concerned about any orthodontic problems, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with one of our expert dentists to assess and take care of your needs.


Prof Johan Hartshorne (Dentist, Intercare Tyger Valley)


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