Excercise options to improve health and fitness

Starting a fitness program may be one of the best things you can do for your health. Physical activity can reduce your risk of chronic disease, improve your balance and coordination, help you lose weight - even improve your sleep habits and self-esteem. With so many options to choose from, finding the right exercise programme for your lifestyle and level of fitness might be challenge though. You may want to consider one of the following options:


CrossFit combines strength training, explosive plyometrics, speed training, Olympic- and power-style weight lifting, kettle bells, body weight exercises, gymnastics, and endurance exercise. By doing this, it targets the major components of physical fitness: cardio-respiratory fitness, stamina, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy.

CrossFit workouts typically combine explosive exercises done in a circuit format: One exercise follows right after the next, with very little rest in between. Training the CrossFit way requires you to work out 3 to 5 days per week. The workouts are highly intense and short, taking about 5 to 15 minutes to complete. t's also a very tough workout -- not one to take lightly, especially if you're not active right now.


Pilates is a method of controlled movements. It improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the whole human body. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong powerhouse, and improving coordination and balance. Pilates demands intense focus and control. For practitioners to control their bodies, they must have a starting place: the centre - encompassing the abdomen, lower and upper back, hips, buttocks, and inner thighs - as the "powerhouse". All movements in Pilates should begin from the powerhouse and flow outward to the limbs. It does this to strengthen the rest of the body.

Pilates aims for elegant sufficiency of movement, creating flow through the use of appropriate transitions. Once precision has been achieved, the exercises are intended to flow within and into each other in order to build strength and stamina.

Adventure bootcamp

Adventure Boot Camp is a fun and invigorating outdoor exercise programme. You are guided through workouts by a personal trainer, and workouts typically include short distance running, skipping, abdominal exercises, focused core work, Pilates, circuit training, team work, free weights, mat work and more. Routines are varied and they take place outside of a gym. Nobody is left behind or asked to do more than they are capable of. Some of the benefits you can expect from attending Adventure Boot Camp include: an increase in physical strength and endurance, a loss of cm’s, an enhanced level of self-confidence and personal well-being.


Yoga cultivates health and well-being through the regular practice of a range of different techniques, including postures and movement, breath awareness and breathing exercises, relaxation and concentration. Yoga postures serve to strengthen and invigorate the body, helping all physical systems to work properly. These include the skeletal and muscular structures as well as the circulation, respiratory, glandular and nervous systems. Yoga is a remarkably effective practice on its own or can be part of other physical training such as aerobics, weight training, running, swimming or other sports. Yoga at its heart is a practice of mindfulness and with regular practice; this mindfulness can be incorporated into other activities and areas of life.


There is no doubt about it; running is one of the best forms of exercise. It is suitable for all ages, depending on your health condition. It can be done on the road, track, in nature or even in the comfort of your own home on a treadmill. A great thing about road running is that you have an endless number of routes to choose from.

Running increases bone density (reducing the risk of osteoporosis); it strengthens and tones the leg and core muscles; improves cardiovascular health (reducing risk of heart disease); assists in reducing body fat percentage; Improves circulation; aids the digestive process; improves immune function; improves mood and reduces stress by releasing endorphins in the brain.

Zumba dancing

This Latin-dance inspired workout has quickly grown to one of the most popular group exercise classes. It involves dance and aerobic elements and incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo. Squats and lunges are also included. Music is naturally the main ingredient to Zumba classes and helps to move the workout from one toning, strengthening or cardio move to another, targeting every major muscle group in the body.

Zumba keeps motivation peaked with a catchy soundtrack, plus you get the opportunity to try the moves you've secretly always wanted to have a go at. The routines feature interval training sessions which are currently recognised as one of the best ways to burn fat.

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