Fast, high tech dental convenience

Getting inlays, on-lays, crowns and veneers has never been this fast. Three easy steps are all that it takes for high tech ceramic restorations. Sophisticated machines provides patients with the best possible treatment during a single visit- 2 minutes for scanning, 10 minutes for design and 11 minutes for crown creation. The digital scanning process is user-friendly as the scanning process can be interrupted and resumed at any time. The software generates a 3D model and initial restoration proposal in the shortest possible time. The third step- milling/grindingof the restoration design is extremely precise. Finished surfaces are smooth and ultrafine fissure details can be created. A single tooth restoration takes about 4-12 minutes. The entire process from scanning to the final product is done in in the comfort of the dentist’s consulting room and within an hour and a half. No temporary crowns needed and no waiting period for labs to create the restoration product/s off-site.

For your convenience this fast, precision dentistry is now offered at Intercare Dental Centre Wilgeheuwel.

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