Generic screening at your doorstep

With our patients in mind, genetic screening tests for the early detection of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer risk as well as accurate, non-invasive and risk-free prenatal tests (NIPT) are possible at all Intercare Medical Centers.

What started as Intercare’s Centre for Lifestyle Management has now been reborn to become Salubrity: a wellness company with a focus on preventative, holistic, and coordinated care.

“Salubrity means conducive or favourable to health or well-being and this name perfectly encapsulates the principle aim of our new company, which is “to make great health possible.”

Salubrity’s first bold step is the introduction of two genetic screening tests from Switzerland: Serenity and Tranquility.

Serenity is an advanced genetic screening test for the early detection of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer risk. This genetic test does not replace the vital breast examinations and mammograms that detect the presence of breast cancer which has already developed, but it can help you to understand your risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer during the course of your lifetime. Quite simply, being screened could save your life as appropriate preventative actions can be taken should your results be considered high risk.

All it takes to obtain the DNA necessary for the test is a gentle swab along the inside of your cheek, and your highly accurate results are usually available within 2 weeks.

The second test to be introduced by Salubrity is Tranquility, an accurate, non-invasive and risk-free prenatal test (NIPT). This test screens for chromosomal disorders and abnormalities that cause conditions such as Down syndrome.

In as early as the 10th week of pregnancy, there is enough fetal DNA in the mother’s bloodstream for testing. Testing fetal DNA is much more accurate and reliable than maternal serum testing, and the DNA itself is obtained by drawing a small amount of blood from the mothers arm. The test has an accuracy of up to 99.9% in detecting Down syndrome, and can be used to determine the sex of the fetus, as well as to detect an additional 9 conditions caused by abnormalities of the baby's chromosomes.

Salubrity offers these services through its exclusive partnership with Genoma, a Swiss based leader in clinical diagnostics.

Intercare’s new wellness company believes that no matter what the test or results, genetic testing should be accompanied by professional genetic counselling both before and after the test. These genetic counsellors, as well as any further care that may be necessary, have been incorporated into Salubrity’s national partner network.

Salubrity however, focuses on much more than genetic screening. With South Africa’s current healthcare system so incredibly fragmented and focused on curative care, there is an urgent need for practices, medical schemes, and other wellness companies to be brought together in a way that makes great health possible and Salubrity does exactly that. Salubrity, part of this diverse group, is uniquely positioned to deliver truly integrated care on a comprehensive scale.

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