How to have a healthy family weekend

We generally consider weekends as a time to relax, let go a little, splurge a little and indulge a little. What if we told you that you can do all of those things, but yet somehow manage to give health some time in between? 

Wake up early: While this is slightly difficult, given that weekends are the only days you get to sleep in, try your best to wake up early and stretch for a while in bed. By doing so, you will also be setting an example for your kids to make waking up early a habit.

Have a healthy breakfast: Kick off your weekend with a healthy, nutritious breakfast. Include a lot of protein and fibre and top it up with a nice big bowl of fruits. Eggs and cereal are a healthy choice. Make sure that your kids eat their fruits and veggies too!

Plan an outdoor activity: Include an outdoor activity in your weekend schedule. Whether it’s with your spouse or your children, be sure to spend some time in the sun. This will give you the necessary vitamin D, and also help you get your dose of exercise. Plan a game of cricket, badminton or tennis or go for a family swim.

Do a household chore: Assign a household chore to everyone in the family. Whether it’s cleaning the house together or just doing some family gardening, or even cooking a meal together, it is a fun and healthy way of family bonding.

Watch a movie: Watching a movie with the family can be a fun activity. If you prefer going out to watch a movie, be sure to order healthy munchies instead of snacking on popcorn or drinking aerated drinks. If you’re watching a movie at home, you can cook up some healthy snacks and make movie-watching a healthy affair.

These are small ways in which you can not only make your weekends fun, but also healthy and refreshing. Break the rut, do something different and make your weekend healthy and memorable!


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