Load shedding – making the most of the darkness

Finding fun things to do during load shedding may seem tedious but it’s better than being cut off in the dark either going to bed early or being upset until the power returns.

Here are a few fun things to do when the power goes out:

Have a Braai

Invite your friends, family or neighbours and have a braai. Prepare food that you can keep warm on the fire such as potatoes or garlic bread. Should the power come on earlier or not go off at all, you would still have enjoyed an evening with good friends, good conversations and good laughs.

Bring out the fun games

Get out the old-fashioned board games and playing cards so the whole family can join in for a fun night in. Monopoly is an all time favourite, as well as Master Mind, Pictionary, Scrabble, Rummicub and many more. Not into board games? Try card games such as Snap, Rummy or Go Fish. Let load shedding take you back to your childhood and introduce your children to the fun of board and card games.

Get outdoors

Fresh air can do wonders for the soul. While the weather is still good, take the opportunity to experience the beauty of our country by going on a scenic hike or walk. You can also go walking with the dogs or sit outside and look at the stars.

Reconnect with family and friends

Make an outside fire, sit with some treats and tell stories – a beautiful and creative way to spend time with loved ones while passing on your history. You can have a Q&A to get to know your family better or keep your phone battery charged and call that family member you have not spoken to in years.

Discover a new hobby

Have you always wanted to learn something new, but you never have the time? Now is the perfect time to learn a new language, learn how to play a music instrument, or try your hand at knitting or crocheting and create your own masterpieces.

Have a movie night

Make sure your laptop is fully charged and catch up on movies or episodes of your favourite series. Give everyone in the family a chance to pick what you are going to watch. DVD store closed? Read a book – many great thinkers and leaders studied under lamp posts and by candle light.

Take a long and relaxing bubble bath

Due to busy schedules we often don’t have much time to just take a second and breathe. Take this opportunity to have a soothing candle lit bubble bath and just relax.

Have a picnic

A picnic outdoors is a lovely way to while away a few power free hours. There are some great beaches, parks and gorgeous natural spaces all around the country to picnic in. If you can’t find the perfect spot to go to, you can always have it in your garden.

Go out to eat

Restaurants are stepping up to the plate and finding ways to stay operational duringpower cuts. Avoid having to dine on salt crackers by candlelight and take advantage of the many restaurants trading during load shedding hours.



Image source: http://fathomaway.com

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