Sugar, sweetener, stevia or sucralose?


Sugar, sweetener, stevia or sucralose? The worldwide trend of sugar free treats has hit the markets and we are continuously looking for a healthier way to sweeten our coffee, tea and treats.

Nowadays, there are many different ways to make or bake something sugar free; whether you are using an au-natural sweetener like honey or something vegan like maple syrup. Substituting sugar with honey or maple syrup (that has a different consistency) isn't always practical when you bake.

Here are some useful healthy alternatives for your pantry:

Xylitol is one of the well-known healthier sweeteners that looks and tastes just like regular sugar but has 40% fewer kilojoules. Xylitol is well tolerated by the body, although some people get digestive side-effects. You can substitute sugar with a 1:1 ratio with Xylitol.


Stevia is known to be 200-300 times sweeter than sugar but without any of the kilojoules! It can also be combined with other sweeteners like fructose to avoid the slight bitter taste.


Sucralose is made from sugar and can be up to 600 times sweeter. This kilojoule free, high quality sweetener is used in small amounts.


Last but not least, good old plain artificial sweetener (PnP Spoon for Spoon sweetener is a good choice) replaces sugar with a 1:1 ratio and is a great alternative in baking.


Source: Pick n Pay Fresh Living Magazine, May 2017, Issue 106.

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