Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. It is an active process of becoming aware of health and life choices and making conscious decisions toward a fulfilling life. Intercare has created a specialised division within the group, Intercare Salubrity whose sole focus is to promote and facilitate health and wellness for its patients. The services offered by Intercare Salubrity add value to healthy patients and patients at risk by early detection of diseases and preventative care which increases awareness and helps maintain and improve a healthy status. This is done through our offering of variety of health assessments.

Corporate Wellness

Because of its relationships and own programmes, Intercare Salubrity can offer several levels of screening and, through its partnerships with practices who follow a multi-disciplinary approach, can include services as diverse as biokineticists, dieticians, psychologists, physiotherapy and colonoscopy in fully customizable packages. In addition, employees in whom abnormalities are found can be followed up and enrolled and followed up in Intercare Salubrity's Chronic Care Programmes.

Key advantages of working with Intercare Salubrity include:
• Access to a national network of GP's, optometrists, radiology, pathology and allied health professionals through a single entity. This allows for medicals which can be as simple or comprehensive as is required, and companies can incorporate these into packages without working with additional practices or companies.
• Centralised coordination, booking, invoicing and reporting (individual and group reports)
• Ability for employees problems to be managed after the screening by relevant providers within the Salubrity network.
• Significant experience and track record in working with large companies such as Anglo Gold Ashanti, Pick n Pay, Transnet, Zurich bank and GlaxoSmithKline.
• Fully electronic and online process for completion of the medical for the executive and the healthcare providers, through the use of a specialised system developed by Salubrity.
• Ability to have points awarded for some medical scheme reward programmes (e.g. Discovery Vitality)
• Competitive pricing
For more information on specific ways in which we may meet your needs, please contact us by clicking here.

Individual Wellness

Before we can set health-related goals and begin working to achieve them, we need to understand how healthy we actually are, and which areas of our health need the most attention.

In order to assist with this Intercare Salubrity, through its network of multi-disciplinary partner practices, offers a variety of wellness screenings for patients on several medical aids, as well as individuals looking for a comprehensive assessment of their current health (termed private screenings).

A. Scheme screening

Intercare Salubrity works with several schemes nationally to facilitate the delivery of the schemes' screening benefits to members. To find out if Salubrity currently works with your scheme, please contact us here.

B. Private screening

The private wellness screenings are tailored to your age and gender, ensuring the most appropriate and cost-effective assessment for you. Although the components of the assessment depends on the package selected, they all generally focus on four major areas:
1. Risk of disease - through an evaluation of your family and personal medical history as social and behavioural habits such as smoking and exercise. Risks related to cardiovascular disease and certain cancers are assessed.
2. Psychological health - through an evaluation of your stress levels and screening for depression
3. Presence of disease - through an evaluation for red flag symptoms as well as measurement of blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, HIV and obesity.
4. Recommendations - recommendations may be related to follow-up testing or referrals which are required, changes to one's lifestyle or medication changes (if relevant based on the results and package selected).

The private screenings are divided into tiers, depending on your age and gender as well as the level to which you would like your health assessed. To enquire about one of these assessments please click here.