Intercare Fourways

Corner of Fourways Boulevard & Short Street
Lat: -26.016 | Long: 28.006778
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Important communication about Tariff Codes and Business Hours

At Intercare Fourways Medical Centre we strive to put our patients first in all we do. With this in mind, we offer extended operating hours as follows:

Weekdays: 07:00 19:00
Saturdays: 08:00 16:00
Sundays: 08:00 16:00
Public Holidays: 08:00 16:00

For your convenience no after-hours fee is charged during the week, but on weekends and public holidays, an after-hours fee (Code 0148) is applicable for the following hours:

Saturdays: 13:00 16:00
Sundays: 08:00 16:00
Public Holidays: 08:00 16:00

The after-hours fee (Code 0148) is not covered by most medical schemes and patients are required to settle this levy on completion of the consultation.
The current after-hours fee is R 262

Business Hours

Weekdays: 07:00-18:00
Saturdays: 08:00-13:00
Sundays: Closed
Public Holidays: 08:00 – 13:00

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